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Recommended Soccer Betting Sites are Listed

While it hasn’t exactly caught on within the United States, the rest of the world is head over heels for soccer. It is without a doubt the most popular sport in the world with well over a billion fans. While these fans certainly don’t need to place any bets to make the game more exciting for them at international bookmakers, it can certainly spice up a game that we aren’t so crazy about here in America.

Betting on sports can be somewhat intimidating to the novice, but by following are a few simple guidelines you can really improve your chances of becoming a successful soccer bettor. The following article outlines a few betting tips that you should keep in mind whenever placing bets on a soccer game.

Be Responsible With Your Money When Wagering Online

Before you make any bets on any soccer match, you have to know how much money you have to work with. Managing your bank roll properly is the key to being a winning better. The money you set aside should have no other purpose but to be used for gambling. You should never take money that you need for important things like your home mortgage or monthly car rent.

Whenever making a bet online, be sure that it never constitutes a significant portion of your bankroll. Losing large amounts of money can cause you to chase betting so you can catch back up and remake what you lost, which is never good. Make sure to check the odds at several soccer betting websites because odds can be different for each one.

Best Soccer Betting Sites

Bet365.com (Non-USA bettors only, 18+, T&Cs apply, and Gamble Responsibly (BeGambleAware))

sportsinteraction icon SportsInteraction.com (For Canadians only)

Bet Against Weak Soccer Teams

While a lot of people, obviously, like to bet on the really strong teams this really isn’t the best way to make money. A strategy that a lot of veteran soccer betters like to use is to bet against a weak team playing away from their home stadium. Every league has a few hopeless teams and you usually get better odds for a mid-tier team playing a weak team, than a really strong team playing a mid-tier team. This is a pretty basic strategy, but if you’re a beginner it’s a great way to get your feet wet when making larger volumes of bets.

Do Your Research

A lot of people will tell you that it’s nearly impossible to predict the outcome of a single soccer game, especially when the teams are similarly skilled. Yet, there are a few factors that, more often than not, go a long way in determining which team is likely to be victorious.

When gambling on soccer, any edge you can find against the house is something that can greatly improve your chances of winning money. Be sure to keep in mind which team is on a streak, the weather and what team is given the advantage by it, and any injuries that occur, even to lesser known players. All of these things can help you make an educated betting decision, and we feel FIFA.com is a great resource website to find up to date information. Again, checking the odds at several different sportsbooks is very important. In fact, it is one of the most important tips we can give you.

The last thing you have to do is remember to have fun. You are probably wagering on a sport because you truly enjoy watching it. If gambling ever gets in the way of you truly enjoying the sport then its probably time to give it a rest. Gambling is meant to make watching the games more exciting and fun, not the opposite.

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