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Understanding Run Lines in Baseball

Serious bettors are fond of both baseball and football. But wagering on baseball is easier than football for a number of reasons. Beginners will find betting on baseball is easier especially if they have learned how to read the money lines well. Moreover, a number of sportsbooks on the internet specializing in baseball give bettors the golden opportunity to get greater value by wagering on baseball run lines.

What is a Run Line?

A run line is a combination of a money line and a point spread. Usually, it will show a spread of 1.5 to 2.5 runs. The availability of money line odds as well as run line odds allows bettors to have their cake and eat it too. They can make a comparative study of these odds and place a winning bet that will earn them a lot of money.

When bettors are wagering on run lines, they are betting that their team will win by a couple of runs or more, or that the losing team will win or lose by just one run. Though it has certain disadvantages, its biggest advantages are that players will get a better price for their run line bets than for their money line bets. Moreover, players do not have to risk a lot of money if they feel that their favorite team will win by a couple of runs.

An Easy to Understand Example

To understand run lines better, consider the example of New York Yankees playing against Detroit Tigers. The regular money line would show the odds of the Detroit Tigers at +165 and the New York Yankees at -180. This simply means that bettors can win $100 for risking $180 if they bet on Yankees, or win $165 for risking $100 on the Tigers.

But, the run line odds will show the Yankees at – 1.5 and +105, and Tigers at +1.5 and -125. In this scenario for the run line, bettors who are betting on the Detroit Tigers will risk more money and win less. But if the Tigers lose by one run they will win because they are getting 1.5 runs.

Many seasoned bettors stick to the money lines in baseball, although wagering on the run line can offer greater value. Some of the reasons for avoiding the run line is the inability to compare money lines and run lines, the high commissions associated with run lines, and the double margins.

Useful Hints and Tips

Bettors will be successful with run lines only if they can compare the money line value to the run line value and pick the best option. Here are some rules to help you make a successful run line wager.

  • Avoid it if it offers only one standard run line and only one dime line. In this case, the moneyline will give better value and you are better off sticking to it. Also realize the value of one run in a baseball game since many teams win by just one run. Studying the various teams and their performances well is of great importance.
  • Studying various run line odds is also of great importance. Make a comparison of run line odds and money line odds at different online sportsbooks to place a wise and winning bet. Smart bettors can find many ways to make a quick buck by doing this research.