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Privacy and Cookie Policy

The document that follows is our Privacy and Cookie Policy (from here on referred to collectively as the “Privacy Policy”), which you (hereinafter referred to as “the user”, or “you”) are advised to read carefully before you begin interacting with our website.

This Privacy Policy has been written by the team at www.bettingsites.com (the “Company”, “we”, or “us”) as a means of introducing you to the manner in which we collect, preserve and process the anonymized data we collect through our website (the “Website”), and in order to explain to you why we follow such procedures.

The goal of our Website is to provide our users with information about various online betting sites and about the gaming industry in general. Occasionally our content may contain hyperlinks or adverts which, when clicked, take you to third-party websites (together with our Website these are referred to as the “Services”). While these third-party websites may or may not be business affiliates of the Company, they are always independent of us, and therefore, their content is governed by a separate privacy and cookie policy, which you may find on those websites. Before you take the decision to share any of your personal data with those websites, we strongly recommend that you read their privacy and cookie policies in detail.

By interacting with our Website you give your informed consent to our data-collection policies that are described below.

This Privacy Policy is an important part of our Terms of Service

The information we collect

Non-personal Information

As you use our Services, we may gather information from your device that is anonymous and cannot lead back to you. Such information is referred to as “Non-personal Information”.

This Non-personal Information will mostly include technical data about your internet connection, operating system, browser type and version, the language in which you interact with our Website, how often you access our Website and for how long. Such information is aggregated and analyzed in its totality as a way of improving our Website and ensuring that it provides you with a satisfying experience.

Cookie Policy

We use web cookies as a way of distinguishing you from other users. By using cookies we can make sure that each user receives a personalized experience on our Website and can utilize our Website’s capabilities to the maximum.

A ‘cookie’ is a tiny data packet that is put together by the Website and sent to your device whenever you access our Services. This data packet contains a record of your selections, such as website language, making your browsing of our Website smoother and more satisfying. As such, cookies create a direct line of communication between your device and our Services.

Below is a description of the different types of cookies used by our Services:

  • ‘Session cookies’ – this type of cookie is created when you enter the Website and deleted when you close your browser. This is needed for the smooth operation of our Website, and while you can disable it, this may lead to a reduced experience of our Website;
  • ‘Persistent cookies’ – this type of cookie is kept for longer, depending on a site’s cookie policy, but usually for not longer than a year. Persistent cookies can be of three kinds:
    • Functionality cookies – these cookies differentiate users from each other and save your choices to provide you with a more personalized experience on repeat visits;
    • Analytical/performance cookies – these cookies collect anonymous data about all visitors and then aggregate it, creating reports on the ways in which users use the Website, the sections that are most visited, the type of devices users use, so that the Website can be re-designed to better suit user needs;
    • Targeting cookies – these cookies contain lists of the pages and hyperlinks clicked on by users, as a way of helping our Website ensure that its content is relevant to your interests.

By continuing to use our Website and its Services, you are providing us with your understanding and consent to the ways in which we use cookies and other tracking technologies described in this Cookie Policy. It is important to keep in mind that cookies carry only anonymous, Non-personal Information.

It is possible to disable our Website’s use of cookies by accessing the settings of your web browser and turning off cookies. Doing this may, however, reduce the performance of our Website and your experience of our Services in general.

Third-party links

Within our Website you might find adverts or hyperlinks to third-party websites that you are interested in and would like to click on. The third-party websites that the hyperlinks take you to are independent, are not part of our Website and are therefore not covered by this Privacy Policy. If you choose to follow these links and share any data with those third-party websites it is best to first become closely acquainted with their privacy policies. Any risks connected to information shared with third-party websites are entirely borne by the user.

This Privacy Policy only covers our Website, and does not apply to any Personal or Non-Personal data shared with any third-party websites that you have chosen to access.

Using your information

The anonymized data we collect from you may be used for a number of reasons, which are outlined below:

  • To troubleshoot our Website, based on your feedback;
  • To carry out data analytics so that we can improve our Services;
  • To assess the relevance of our content to our users’ needs;
  • To maintain the security of user data and of our Website as a whole;
  • To promote websites, services and products that we believe would be of interest to you.

We may also be required to use data collected from our users to comply with government requests according to any relevant laws and regulations, or to comply with court orders from a legal court or equivalent legal organizations.

Sharing your information

There are a number of reasons we may need to reveal your Personal Information to external parties. These reasons are enumerated below:

  • Third-party business affiliates

Our third-party business affiliates carry out important functions that facilitate the smooth running of our Website, so we may need to share your data with them, so they can:

  • Provide you with advertising and marketing content of interest;
  • Analyze and run diagnostics on your data in order to improve our Website’s performance.

All information which we share with third parties for the purpose of improving our Website is handled following the privacy and security procedures described in this Privacy Policy and as governed by all applicable laws and regulations.

  • Other disclosures

If the Company becomes involved in a large business transaction, such as an asset or business sale, the purchase of an asset or business, or a company merger, our data may also be made available to the prospective buyers, sellers or new business partners involved in these transactions.

In case the Company becomes involved in a court case, our data may be shared with the court if it is considered reasonably necessary and helpful to the case to do so. Situations that may include such actions could be, but are not limited to: protecting intellectual property rights; enforcing the legal rights of the Company, its users and its business partners; defending against illegal activity such as fraud or security issues; upholding in-Company policies; maintaining the safety of the Company, its users and its business partners; and contesting legal claims.

Security and transfer of information

We dedicate a lot of time and effort to setting up and maintaining reliable, unbreakable security procedures for our Company. We utilize the top security protocols of the industry to protect data. Despite our considerable efforts to ensure the security and integrity of data in our possession, we cannot guarantee that there will not be any exploitation of our Services. This is because information transfers via the internet pass through dozens of separate checkpoints, so no data transfer across the internet is ever entirely secure. We guarantee that all reasonable security measures are taken when it comes to the information we possess, but the responsibility for any data transfers over the internet lies solely with the user.

Being a global organization, our Company answers to laws both inside and outside of the European Union (the “EU”). Due to this, during the normal operation of the Website we may transfer data to and through countries that lie outside of the EU’s scope, and thus may have less comprehensible data laws. Whenever this is the case, the Company endeavors to provide all data transfers with an equal or equivalent level of care protection. By using our Website, you agree to the above conditions for transferring and handling data by the Company.


It cannot be stressed enough that our Services have been created for individuals above the age of 18 years. Minors are legally forbidden from participating in our Services, and from sharing any data with us.

Privacy Policy updates

This Privacy Policy has been compiled to comply with both the Company’s regulations, and the laws that monitor online gaming. As such, we advise all our users to become familiar with it, and to review it at regular intervals. Whenever our Company regulations or the applicable laws are amended, this Privacy Policy will also be updated. In such cases we will inform all our users via email or through our Services.

Once the official notifications have been sent, any further use made of our Services is considered equal to your awareness and consent of any amendments made to this Privacy Policy. The most current version of this document will always be found on this page.

Information about us

If you have any questions regarding our Services, our use of cookies and other tracking technologies, or our handling, storing and processing of users’ personal data, you can contact us at .