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2018 Baseball Betting Sites are Discussed

While not as popular a sport to bet on as American football, baseball is still one of the most popular sports to wager on. Baseball is also a sport that most veteran sport betters gravitate to as the easiest to make consistent money on.

Nothing can spice up a ball game in the dog days of summer like a having some money riding on the outcome. Whether you are wagering just for fun, on your favorite team, or to actually make some serious money, there are a few baseball betting tips that you can adhere to that should go a long way in making sure you aren’t throwing your money away. The following article outlines just a few of the most basic tips that you can utilize to help you win.

Finding the Best Odds is Important

No matter what team or game you decide to bet on, you want to make sure that you’re going to be getting the most for your money. This is just pure common sense. There are a lot of bettors out that that simply stick to the same sportsbook to make all their wagers and this really hurts them in the long run.

With a game like baseball, in which there are thousands of games throughout the season, odds can be really different from sportsbook to sportsbook. You should have a solid collection of different websites that you can compare odds with. Not shopping around is like saying no to money that could, and should, be yours. Most importantly, always check to see what type of dime lines the site is running.

Best 2018 Baseball Betting Websites for All Types of Games

You can only bet here if you live outside of the United States. Their dimeline is 10 cents up to -140 and you can bet Japanese or Korean baseball as well. This international sportsbooks is hands-down the best in the business. 18+, T&Cs apply, and Gamble Responsibly (BeGambleAware).

Stay Away From Early Season Betting

Most experienced baseball bettors will avoid the beginning of the season at all cost. This is because there are simply to many unknowns and variables that can work against you. Some pitchers get off to slow starts, some teams will disappoint, sometimes the weather is extreme to the point that it can be an advantage to one team over another, line-ups are continually changing, etc.

These are all things that can work against your ability to predict a winner. The best idea is to use the early season as a time to watch and take notes of different teams so that when you do start making some wagers you have a significant amount of knowledge off which to base them on.

Be Sure to Examine Pitchers

One thing that a lot of experienced bettors would recommend is to give a lot of consideration to the pitchers. Some things to consider when looking at the pitchers is always look for a pitcher who had a good outing in their last game, pitchers tend to pitch well in periods, and look for pitcher vs. batter previous statistics. It is also a good idea to look for top pitchers who are pitching against a teams 4th or 5th starter.

While you want to stick to aces, an ace going up against another very good starting pitcher is too close to a toss up for comfort. Also, be mindful of the relievers. If a relief pitcher has gotten a lot of work over the past few days, it may be a good idea to stay away from that team.

Betting on baseball can be a lot of fun and if you do it the right way, it can be a great way to make some money while watching the game you love. Using the baseball betting tips outlined above should go a long way in making you a more successful bettor. Remember that this is not a sprint, you have to develop a strategy and stick to it over the long run if you want any chance at being successful.

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