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Boxing Betting Odds

After a lull, boxing is slowly gaining attention as an important arena for sports betting. Boxing is an individual combat event where players of a similar weight or category fight a bout with each other. As such, boxing betting odds tend to favor consistent winners and achievers. Every gambler, whether professional or amateur, has a personal favorite. Unlike team events where betting tips and odds are often given out after an analysis of the whole team, boxing is an individual event and more prone to bias and prejudice in the minds of even the most astute gambler. Boxing betting odds often support several highly priced underdogs. Boxing matches are also widely spaced and fewer in number than mass sports like football and basketball. Nevertheless, the sport incites much passion and enthusiasm from gamblers and boxing fans alike.

Basics of Money Lines

Almost all boxing betting odds are for head to head betting or on the money line. This is because of the individualistic nature of the game. Over/Under bets are also available where gamblers need to predict the total number of rounds the bout will extend to before a knock off. Some players are reputed for being knockout specialists. Bookmakers will fix a limit and gamblers bet whether the actual number will be over or under the limit. There are several reputable boxing betting sites.  Most of these websites offer useful boxing betting tips apart from boxing betting odds and lines. Las Vegas boxing betting odds are known in the industry for being among the more accurate ones.

Boxing betting odds are often quoted as fixed odds. For example in a November boxing bout, Glen Johnson is slated to take on Chad Dawson. The bookmakers place odds of +325 on Glen Johnson for a win and a probability of -450 for Chad Dawson to pull off a victory, Chad Dawson is thus, the favorite to win this match. For every $450 a gambler would bet on Chad Dawson, he stands to win $100. Similarly, for every $100 bet on the underdog Glen Johnson, the gambler could earn $325 in case of a victory. In money line bets, the amounts paid out in case of an underdog victory would include the initial bet amount as well. In this example if Glen Johnson wins, the gambler will take home $425. Over and under bets are also available for this match. Standard fixed odds are also available at UK facing sites.

Betting on Draws

Another fairly common form of betting for boxing matches is ‘draw’ betting. Gamblers can get boxing betting tips online from reputed analysts and decide whether at all there will be a clear winner or loser in the match. If he feels the match will end in a draw, he can opt for draw betting. In KO or stoppage betting, gamblers bet for whether a specific fighter will end a bout by surrender or knockout. Several bookmakers publish boxing betting odds for this kind of betting as well.

Underdogs and Upsets

Boxing betting odds and tips have to be carefully studied before a gambler places a bet. Upsets are fairly common and very often a gambler could lose money on a bet. This was the case in the January brawl between Shane Mosley and Margarito. Margarito carried very heavy betting odds for a victory but Mosley knocked out his opponent in the ninth round itself. Mosley was quoted at +300.

Boxing Divisions/Categories

Globally, the sport of boxing is divided into five divisions or categories. They are the Cruiserweight, Heavyweight, Light Heavyweight, Super Middleweight and Welterweight. Each category has its own set of players and competitions. As such the boxing betting odds being made available by bookmakers online are also categorized as above. The World Boxing Classic is a major event for bookmakers and fans of the sport alike. Bookmakers enjoy handicapping the Super Six World Boxing Classic event because it features six of the best boxers in the world and has a format of a round robin event. Each player gets at least three bouts. After three bouts a-piece the bottom two on the points table are eliminated and the contest is reduced to the ‘Final Four’. This year’s edition has boxer Mikkel Kessler with the most favorable boxing betting odds.