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Boxing Over/Under

If you are a fan of Boxing and are looking to place a wager on your favorite boxer, you will need to know the types of boxing bets available, have an understanding of boxing odds and be well aware of as many boxing betting tips as possible.

Betting on boxing involves using the money line to place wagers. There are different types of bets in boxing which include stoppage bets, draw bets and over/under bets. Of all the different types of bets in boxing, betting on the boxing over/under rounds is by far the most common practice indulged in by sports bettors.

Other bets include deciding whether a contender will win by stoppage of the match of by knocking out his opponent. The bookmakers set the odds on this and bettors make the wagers accordingly.

Betting on Boxing Over/Under Rounds

Betting on the boxing over/under rounds is considered to be a proposition bet. When it comes to boxing, bookmakers give bettors a choice of proposition wagers that they can choose from. This is especially common when it s a boxing match between two very popular athletes. Sometimes, boxing matches can weigh very heavily in favour of a particular player and in this case bookmakers use betting on over/under rounds to estimate how long a fight lasts.

In the case of betting on the boxing over/under rounds, the bets are estimated on the number of rounds that will take place. Bets on over/under rounds are also based on the number of points scored. This will try to assess whether the game will go over a certain number of rounds or if it will be under a certain number of rounds or points. For instance, in a match between contestant A and contestant B, the odds may vary depending on how strong one player is over another.

How to Win a Boxing Over/Under Bet

Bets on boxing over/under rounds could be set as 120 for over 6 full rounds and perhaps 110 for under 6 full rounds. If a bettor makes a wager for the first option and both players continue to fight for past six rounds, then this means that he or she has won the wager. However, should the boxing match end before the entire six rounds are completed, then the player will forfeit his wager, making the bookmakers happy.

In case a bettor chooses to wager for the second option which is an under 6 rounds bet, then he or she can only win if the match ends in less than 6 rounds. This could occur if the fight is stooped for any reason such as a knock out or disqualification. For a player to win this bet, the match must end before the bell rings the 6th round.

However, should the match end after the sixth bell and before the 7th bell, all bettors will lose out on the wager, as this would mean that neither the under or the over bet signifies. If this happened, then the bookmakers end up winning a large amount of money.

Betting Tips for Boxing Odds

If you are looking for over/under boxing betting tips, then you should learn to correctly estimate the boxers and the opponents and of course learn to read the odds posted by bookmakers. Remember that bookmakers always tend to favor the underdog as this is the only way they can make a profit. The over/under boxing bets can also be boxer specific and it is for this reason that bettors looking to earn money from their wagers, must study the fight history of both the boxers in the ring. Some over/under boxing bets may set odds for Boxer A vs. Boxer B lasting over 8 rounds at 150 and so on. The odds differ based on the time of fighting season and the physical condition of the contenders in the ring.