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Football Betting Systems

Players who regularly bet at the best football betting sites want the best chance of winning possible, and there are betting systems in place to increase their odds. The NFL Point Differential Betting system is the most popular. It takes quite a bit of time for players to do, but it is the most accurate, helping players to gauge the offensive and defensive strength of the team that they’re planning to bet on.

How the NFL Point Differential Betting System Works

Using specific calculations, the NFL Point Differential Betting System looks at the strength of the opposition that the team has played instead of just considering that one team’s performance against the league median or average, which is what many other systems do. Using this system, players betting look at the average number of points that a team is getting per game. In order to determine what that means for the strength of the team, other betting systems look at the league average. So, if the league average is 20 points per game and the team has 24, then it becomes clear that the team is stronger.

There is one weakness in this betting strategy since it doesn’t actually consider the strength of the team that they’re playing against. Comparing a team to the average doesn’t accurately show which teams they are actually ranked higher than. If the league average is 20 points, it could mean that some teams have scored 26 points on average per game. Then, when you compare the team’s average of 24, it’s clear that the opposition might have better odds of winning. That’s why ranking using this system gives players a better idea how to bet on each system.

Calculating the NFL Point Differential Betting System

In order to accurately calculate these rankings, sports betting players need to do this weekly. This is why this is a time consuming betting system. But, it is worthwhile for those who want to make more accurate bets. There are a number of different steps that need to be taken as part of this system to get the best results for betting.

• Record all of the opponents that the team has played, and then calculate the number of average points scored per game for each opposition team.

• Once the opposition points are recorded, they need to be added with the average number of points allowed, and then they should be divided by the total number of games that have been played.

• The road team’s points scored should then be divided by the average points scored by the opposition.

• The fourth step is to divide the road team’s points allowed by the average points scored by the road team’s opposition.