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Football Proposition Bets

Football proposition bets have only recently made an appearance in the football betting scene. Proposition bets, or prop bets as they are often referred to, are one of a new breed of exotic or specialty bets offered by bookmakers and not one of the normal simple football bets. Much sought after during money spinning tournaments like the NFL and the Super Bowl, football proposition bets try to project odds for the specific event. This event will ordinarily be not a subject matter of betting. Individual bookmakers devise these betting odds and often, gamblers will get different betting odds across bookmakers.


Conventionally, football proposition bets are composed of the results of the happening or non-happening of two different events. These events need not have a specific influence on the final result of the match. In this respect, prop bets are distinguished from football parlay bets or any other kind of combination bets. Football parlay bets are a combination of a series of bets placed on the final outcomes of several matches. Football proposition bets can be about the number of interceptions taken by a player during a game, the number of yards the team will cover and the first team to score a goal, among others. An illustration of a prop bet is how many interceptions will be taken up by Eli Manning during a Giants game. Options will be prescribed for each possible outcome like 0, 1, 2 and 3. Bookmakers will also devise betting odds for each of these options and gamblers will be invited to purchase the option that they feel holds the best value for them.

Field Entry

A common variant of prop bets is called a field entry. This kind of bet covers all players who might not be actually part of the prop odds at hand but could be competing in the tournament. For example, a prop bet which lists the top 3 point scorers during a game will have the remaining competing players of the game listed as part of the broader field. If one of the players from the field category ends up becoming a top point scorer in the game, the field is determined winner.

More on Prop Bets

Games which have considerable viewership often generate the biggest sports bets. The biggest and most interesting prop bets are often designed on Monday night NFL games. Football proposition bets give gamblers additional opportunities for gamblers to bet on their favorite games. The Super Bowl is another arena wherein multiple variants of prop bets are offered by bookmakers. The extent of prop bets is so great during the Super Bowl season that it makes up for a significant percentage of the betting action then.

Since prop bets are often designed by specific bookmakers, gamblers need to be wary of the efficacy of these odds. A careful analysis of historical data will need to be made before purchasing a prop bet. Historical data which can be considered include home/away statistics, head-to-head statistics and the current playing form of specific players. If placed shrewdly, prop bets are a great way to make extra money during high stakes football games.