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Golf Head-to-Head Betting

With head-to-head betting in golf, sportsbook players have the opportunity to bet upon golfers who go up against each other in a match. Of course, in a game like golf, unlike tennis, golfers do compete but the competition is not as direct. A clear winner can be determined based on placement at the end of the results, or they can be based on the best score after a hole has been completed. Golf head-to-head proposition bets are referred to as matchup bets, and these are most common during major golf events like the Masters.

Golf Head-to-Head Betting Tips

There are some strategies that sportsbook players can use when trying to bet upon golf head-to-head matches. It doesn’t come down to which player is more likely to win against the other, since they’re not competing that way; they’re competing to rank and get the best score.

There are some things to look at for each player included on the line:

1. Look at how each of the players have done playing on that specific course in the past and where they ended up ranking

2. Take a look at the other golfers who have qualified to play in the tournament

3. Take a look at the weather conditions and understand how well each golfer does when there are different variables

4. See which caddy each golfer is using, as it could change their game

5. Know if each golfer has recently had an injury or personal events that might make them distracted on the course

Do Your Research

In general, it’s important to look at the statistics in history of each golfer you’re considering betting on. The overall competition of everyone present at the event can make a big difference as to where a golfer will rank, so it’s not accurate just to see which one of two golfers usually comes out ahead. There are a lot of different factors when dealing with such a large scale tournament.

As with any moneyline bet, check the lines at a few of the leading online golf betting sites so that you can see whether or not the odds are consistent. Then you’re able to take advantage of the best odds, so if you win, your winnings are big!