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Horse Race Daily Double Betting

Horse racing is popular with all types of online sportsbook players; the big bettors and the small ones. This is because it’s a sporting event that’s fun to watch and players enjoy it even more if they have a vested interest in the outcome. For those players that have a more limited betting budget, there are certain bets that can lead to a better profit if they win. One of these is the horse racing daily double bet.

With horse race daily double betting, players need to pick the winners of two consecutive horse races. This bet takes place on the same card when making a bet at a brick and mortar sportsbook or a race track, and the format is essentially the same with a horse race betting site online as well.

Picking the top winner of the first two bets isn’t one of the hardest selections to make and because of the betting format with daily double horse betting, it’s an affordable betting option that offers great value. The reason for this is the daily doubles bet has its own betting pool in most cases which means there can be a higher payout when compared to betting parlay on two individual horses (one per race). With daily double betting, it’s also been estimated that the payouts are 5% more than the parlay bets. In addition, players will also find that the take from the online betting site is smaller with horse racing daily double bets than two individual bets. So overall, it can potentially be a very profitable bet.

Horse Race Pick 3 Betting

Pick 3 betting is identical to daily doubles. But rather than picking the horses you think will win two consecutive races, you pick those that will win three of them. The same strategies apply when placing this bet and the betting structure is identical to daily double horse betting.

Horse Race Daily Double and Pick 3 Betting Tips

To have a better chance at picking a horse who will win, then ensure that you look at a horse’s recent race history. The horse can occasionally be consistent and have similar results against other competitors and on the same tracks. With this understanding, you might be able to see if there’s a good chance they’ll place!

With daily doubles bets in horse racing or pick 3 betting, there is a higher chance of you winning than with other types of bets as you win even if only one of your picks comes up since the bets are simply on the same card. So it’s a lower risk bet to make than trifectas or other major betting options where you have to pick multiple horses that place.

For any bets in horse racing, you need to ensure that you check the odds at more than one sportsbook. They can vary even when the same lines are posted. Players want to ensure that they can get the best odds meaning the largest payouts if they win. The odds just aren’t all the same, and that can apply with each and every bet for an event, so make sure to check the odds before you place any bet.