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Horse Race Exacta Betting

Exacta betting is one of the most popular bets in online horse race betting. It`s an effective horse betting strategy where players pick the first and second place horse in a race. There was a time when it was considered an “exotic bet” although with other betting types for horse racing like trifecta, superfecta, pick 3, pick 4 etc, it now seems rather tame! Players who like to bet in a more simple manner will like the exacta bet for horse racing.

There are different types of exacta horse racing bets. These are the straight exacta, exacta box and the exacta wheel.

Straight exacta – with this bet, you are betting that specific horses will come in first and second place. To win, players need to have the specific order exactly right. The payout on an exacta bet like this is higher because it’s harder to get it exactly right!

Exacta box bet – with this bet, you pick the horses you think will finish in the top 2 places, but as long as your picks are both in the top 2 you win; it doesn’t matter what order they come in. You can actually bet on as many boxes of horses as you’d like with this type of betting.

Check the Odds

With any bet you make, you should check the odds at the various sportsbooks. You will find that they can vary from one to the next for the same type of exacta horse bet. If it’s not verified, you may kick yourself later when you find out you could have gotten a larger payout if you were lucky enough to win.

Exacta Horse Racing Betting Tips

Take a look at the horses and riders that are competing and their history. Knowing how they’ve done previously at the race track, and on a day with the same weather can help determine if they are likely to place in the top 2. Having a feel for the strength of the competition is also helpful.

As with any bet, the “sure thing” always pays out less than a long shot although there’s a better chance of winning especially if you’re familiar with how they’ve done it the past. Do remember that despite careful research, anything can happen in a race so there is no guarantee that you’ll end up winning even if you know everything there is to know about a horse and rider!