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Horse Racing Quinella Betting

Horse racing quinella betting is a popular format to place wagers upon horse racing. With this type of bet, you are trying to bet upon who you think will place in the top two. There is no maximum bet amount in quinella horse betting, but the minimum to bet online or offline is always two. Quinella betting is really quite similar to exacta betting; however, betting ends up being cheaper with this betting structure. So, while players may win a bit less than they would with exacta betting, they are risking less.

Types of Quinella Horse Betting

Straight quinella betting – bet directly on the first two players you believe will place in the top 2.

Quinella wheels/part wheels – with this kind of quinella bet, you can wheel one of more horses with others. This essentially means that you don’t just have to bet on one horse. You can pick horse number 3 as one of the top two, and then select multiple for the second. Of course, you pay more for this method of betting and reduce your potential win, but it’s another option for those who just can’t decide.

Quinella boxes – this is one of the most popular types of horse racing quinella bets, and it’s very popular as a horse racing bet in general. Players can pick multiple horses for the win which makes the bets less risky. In theory, it’s possible to bet on all of them, however, the more horses selected, the smaller the payout, of course!

Check the Odds

With any bets, odds can vary between legal horse betting sites. Check them before determining how and where to place your horse racing quinella bet to make sure you have the best payoff.

As another quinella betting strategy, players should also check the size of the betting pools. While sometimes there’s reason to place this bet over an exacta bet, it’s not always the case. With quinella betting you may pay less but you can also win less. But, there are situations where the quinella can have a larger payout than the exacta and it’s based on the size of the betting pool. Look at what the payouts for the combinations would be with both types of bets to determine where it’s best to put your money. You always want to walk away with the largest amount possible, even when you are a low-risk bettor!