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How Point Spreads are Determined

The idea of a point spread at a sportsbook isn’t to show that one team is better than another, contrary to popular opinion. It’s real motive is to try and get an equal amount of bets on both teams, that way, no matter which one wins or loses a sports betting site is still able to turn a profit. The goal isn’t just to get the same number of players to bet on each team; because players will make bets of different sizes. What a sportsbook needs to do is make sure that they can attract bets that total the same amounts.

Sportsbooks have the oddsmakers create point spreads in order to get the big spenders to bet on one side, and the average bettors to bet on the other. In the end, an oddsmaker has been successful if they still profit after they’ve paid out the winnings to the bettors who bet on the winning team.

Creating a Point Spread

Oddsmakers are responsible for creating the points spread for sportsbooks online, which is why you’ll find that odds can vary from betting site to betting site. Here are the basic steps in the process:

1. Look at the rankings of teams within the sporting events, and setup a numbered power ranking. The strongest teams are classified and ranked with the weaker teams below with lower numbers attributed.

2. Look at the team’s public perception. People that are supporting them because they’ve been doing well will be more likely to bet upon, so the points spread should reflect lower odds.

3. Consider the location of the game since a team is likely to do better when playing at home. Others may do better when away; these statistics should be looked at and then the ranking should be based on it. Once the ranking of all teams is determined look at what teams play each other that week, and formulate a point spread based on the ranking system.

4. Adjust the points spread based on whether it’s a rivalry or division game. Determine if this game will have playoff implications or a major impact on the season standings. Often games that have that type of atmosphere will impact a team’s performance. Adjust the point spread if appropriate.

5. Look at how the two teams going head-to-head did when they last played each other.

6. The sportsbook will post a line and get players to bet. This will give them an idea of whether or not the points spread will effectively get people to bet on both sides. If not, then the other lines will be adjusted.