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MoneyBookers has about 10.2 millions registered users, which proves the fact that it is one of the most popular eWallets around. Online punters can be assured of the best possible service here, though many people feel that it is not as good as PayPal, if you live outside the U.S., a rival eWallet. Besides using the service for monetary transaction, online punters can also use it to send text messages and faxes.

MoneyBookers Pros/Cons

This online payment site offers 100 percent protection against charge backs, accepts more than 80 payment options all over the world, and charges low processing fees. The site is also safe and secure to use. Online punters who register at MoneyBookers only have to submit their personal details once to use the eWallet.

The site, however, doesn’t allow more than one account per person. Some users have no issues with the customer service, which is available to answer customers’ queries 24 hours of the day. But some customers feel that the customer service is poor. The best thing is that MoneyBookers doesn’t bombard its customers with emails.

MoneyBookers Fees and Costs

At MoneyBookers, money can be received free of charge. The site charges 1 percent on all payments made. The upload and withdrawal charges depend on the country in question.

Withdrawal of funds via bank transfer costs €1.80, via check costs €3.50, and via Visa credit/debit card costs €1.80.

The site charges 1.99 percent for transactions involving currency conversions in order to protect users from the risks and volatility involved with the FX markets.

Customers can also make mass payments to a maximum of 100 people. The site charges 1 percent of the transfer value, but not more than 0.50 Euros or its equivalent in the currency of their accounts.

How to Use MoneyBookers at Sportsbooks

First, online punters must register an account before finding the top betting sites online. This is easy and free and hardly takes any time. Next, they must fund their accounts. The best way to do this is via bank transfer. Online punters are also free to use any other payment options supported by MoneyBookers.

After registering, online punters can send money to anybody they please. All they need is the recipients’ email addresses. Detailed instructions are available in the Send Money tab. Find your favorite online sportsbook accepting MoneyBookers and you are on your way.

Who It Benefits From MoneyBookers

MoneyBookers benefits all its customers, including online punters. The site processes payments securely and quickly. Moreover, the service is truly international, presenting the most inexpensive way of sending money across the border. Therefore, it benefits customers all over the world who need to make payments, receive money, and transfer money.

MoneyBookers is the best online payment option for online shoppers. They only have to register their credit or debit card and bank details with the site and use the same information to pay for products purchased at more than 20,000 shops online. They don’t have to display their personal details at each online shop.


MoneyBookers, a prominent online payment service and issuer of electronic money, is authorized under EU and UK law and is regulated by the UK Financial Services Authority.