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Neteller, a quick and secure online payment option, is progressing in leaps and bounds. The site has the potential to soon become one of the leading eWallets on prominent sportsbooks, and probably, it soon will.

Online sportsbook betters can safely use Neteller services because the eWallet has an unbeatable security system. In fact, the Neteller security system is so tight and secure that the system will immediately detect users trying to access their Neteller accounts from 2 different computers. In case of suspicious circumstances, the site freezes its customers’ accounts till they verify their identity. Although this can be annoying, online punters are ensured a really safe and secure online payment option in Neteller.


The biggest advantage of joining Neteller is that it enables buyers to make safe purchases at any online or offline store, transfer Neteller funds to and from favorite online betting sites, and send money to friends, relatives, and employees in any part of the world. Online poker and sportsbook players can not only transfer cash from their Neteller account quickly and securely, but also absolutely free of charge.

The site offers the facility of Net+ cards, which give online punters additional security. These cards are associated with customers’ Neteller accounts and allow punters to access their money irrespective of whether they are online or offline. What’s more, online punters do not have to pay any application fees to get hold of these cards. These cards enable customers to withdraw their money quickly from ATMs all over the world.

Fees and Costs

Neteller fees are affordable. Poker and sportsbook players can get an online Neteller account and make transfers to and from their favorite poker, sportsbook and safe deposit betting sites absolutely free of charge. However, in order to withdraw via Net+ Prepaid Card, bank transfer, cheque by regular mail or courier, or member wire, the site charges according to the payment option selected and the country.

Online punters will find it very easy to deposit into their online Neteller account because the site charges nothing for local bank deposits and international bank transfer. However, a fee is charged for instant bank deposits; and this fee varies by country.

The site also charges a fee of 1.75 percent for credit card and debit card deposits.

How to use it

Online punters can get a free Neteller account. They only have to log in at the site and fill in a simple registration form. The site activates the account only after verifying the customer’s identity. As soon as the site approves their account, Neteller account holders can start transferring funds to and from their online sportsbooks, as long as the sportsbooks support Neteller. Almost all prominent online sportsbooks allow punters to use Neteller. Punters can easily withdraw their Neteller funds to their bank accounts using any withdrawal options that is convenient to them.

Who it Benefits

Neteller is a great site for people who do not want shop with a credit card. The eWallet also benefits those who would like to earn points for spending and money for referring friends, transfer money between accounts, earn money for referring friends, win prizes, and get exclusive offers, including a VIP membership. In fact, Neteller benefits anyone who requires the best eWallet services around.


Neteller, established in 1999, is the largest cash transfer business in the world. The site, which belongs to NEOVIA Financial Pic, processes transactions worth billions of dollars annually, which makes it one of the most trusted and reliable eWallets on the Internet. Neteller offers its services in more than 150 countries all over the world. Since it is regulated and authorized by UK’s Financial Services Authority, Neteller maintains the highest possible standards.