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Quarter Horse Racing Betting Tips

Horse racing is one of the most exciting sports to watch and bet on. Bettors like the high action of the game and having a vested interest in what they’re watching. Quarter horse races are especially exciting since they are horses bred for speed and the events are some of the most fast-paced races that happen on the track. With quarter horse races, horses race on a shorter track than with more traditional types of races and the skills of the jockey really do play a role in this type of race and the bets that players make upon the events.

The name Quarter Horse Racing comes from the fact that many of the races are a quarter mile. other distances for Quarter Horse Racing include 220 yards, 250 yards, 300 yards, 330 yards, 350 yards, 400 yards, 440 yards, 550 yards, 660 yards, 770 yards, 870 yards and 1,000 yards.

Quarter Horse Racing Odds

With any type of bet, you need to take a look at the odds of your pick and consider them before you place your wager. Not only is this important to look at one online betting site, but you need to make sure that you look at multiple horse betting sportsbooks since odds set can vary from one online sportsbook to the next. It’s always crucial to remember this step if you want to get the best payout for your wins!

There are of course other factors to look at when it comes to betting on Quarter Horse racing as well, and this includes examining the skill of the jockeys, the experience of the trainer and the overall track condition. Some of these factors apply with all horse types of horse racing but they play an even bier role with Quarter Horses!

Differences and Payouts in Quarter Horse Racing

One major difference with Quarter Horse Racing compared to thoroughbred racing is that the favorite wins are worth a lot more when a win comes through; i.e. top betting sites take far less of a cut and a bigger payout for the player. Betting on long-shots still provides even better payouts, but that doesn’t mean that the favorites aren’t worth betting on even when there is a greater opportunity to win a large payout in this type of horse racing!

Betting Tips in Quarter Horse Races

Looking at horse history and understanding who their trainers are and how they have done in the past is also essential to how the horse may place in each race. If they have recently switched trainers or jockeys that can have an impact on their performance. The track conditions and weather can also have a bearing.

Looking at the length for each race is also important. It’s possible for horses to participate in various track length races, but they may all not be as strong on the different types of tracks. Keeping this in mind while looking at the history of each horse can help you to make much better bets!