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Sportsbooks Accepting Gift Cards

Gift cards are becoming a more popular payment option with many online sportsbooks and betting sites. In the past, they were used primarily in the retail industry both online and offline, but this payment method has since expanded into online gambling. Betting sites that accept US players have especially been focusing upon adding gift cards as a payment method to offer an alternative to credit cards. This has become necessary as more US financial institutions are unwilling or unable to honor transactions made to online sportsbooks due to the response to the UIGEA.

How Gift Cards Work

Gift cards do not belong to the sportsbooks themselves. They are prepaid gift cards that are offered by Visa, Mastercard, American Express and other companies. Players interested in playing at online sportsbooks have the option to purchase them and put any value of money on them using their preferred payment method. Gift cards can be used and then refilled.

To use gift cards at a online betting site, the process is the same as with any regular credit card. It simply needs to be added to the account by filling out the appropriate information, and provided there are enough funds on the account, the money is transferred to the online sportsbook or casino.

Best Online Sportsbook Accepting Gift Cards

Currently, there are a limited number of Sportsbooks that accept gift cards as a payment method; however, this is becoming more common with many online sportsbooks. As players catch onto this beneficial payment method, it will certainly be picked up by many of the leading Sportsbooks like:

sportsinteraction icon SportsInteraction.com (For Canadians only)

Players will find that this is the solution that they’re looking for if they’re struggling to make a deposit when they are unable to use their credit card or their debit card because of new gambling regulations.

Benefits of Prepaid Gift Cards

Gift cards sportsbooks offer US players a way to get around the new regulations. Few financial institutions are allowing US players to use a credit card or debit card on an online betting site. Since prepaid gift cards can be purchased and used to pay for anything, players at sportsbooks are able to purchase them using their credit cards or debit cards and use them at the sportsbooks.

The benefit is that they can use the deposit method that they prefer without any limitation placed upon them. With more sportsbooks beginning to take them to accommodate players, this is quickly becoming a preferred deposit method.