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Tennis Betting Sites

Tennis is a sport that’s begun soaring in popularity and is making its way by force into the ranks of betting websites to allow fans to place their wagers. There are events that take place around the world almost year-round, although the summer months host some of the more major events in Tennis. With multiple singles or double matches taking place each and every game day, there is plenty of opportunity for people to bet on their favorite professional tennis players in hopes of winning. There are a lot of tips and strategies related to sports betting, including online tennis betting. In this article you’ll find some of the basic information you need to start betting on tennis matches.

Find the Best Tennis Betting Odds

With all sports bets, it’s important that you take a look at the odds before choosing where to place your bet for each event. Odds are not always consistent between online tennis betting sites, so players will find that they may have a better chance at winning big if they do some research and compare sites for each bet. That doesn’t mean doing a comparison once and then finding a tennis betting website to play at for life, it means taking a look at the different types of bets each and every time. Of course it takes time and energy, but those who really want to play to win will find this a worthwhile strategy for them.

While this is always a good strategy, what players often find with tennis is that sportsbooks just don’t know how to estimate correct odds. This can be to your advantage because often it’s the sportsbook that is losing money, not the player.

Best Tennis Betting Sites

Bet365.com (Non-USA bettors only, 18+, T&Cs apply, and Gamble Responsibly (BeGambleAware))

sportsinteraction icon SportsInteraction.com (For Canadians only)

Proposition Bets for Tennis

What most players will find is that the most common bets offered by tennis betting sites online are bets on propositions. Set betting is a very common prop bet for tennis, and what this means is that the betting lines contain the number of sets the match is going to go to. Players can bet on the number of sets. Games betting are another proposition bet which is based on the final outcome as well. With both of these types of bets, determining which bet to make is a combination of luck and history. A number of factors can contribute to differences, like the two tennis players in a match and how strong they’re playing on that particular day.

Betting on Tennis Players

In order to bet on a player in tennis, it’s necessary to understand a tennis player’s history. The ATP World Tour is a great website to find a player’s history and stats. The better tennis odds are on the players who are not as well known, so it’s important not just to look at the top 10! Checking their statistics including win/loss records and general ranking can help you to make educated bets in tennis. Also looking at whether or not they are injured or fatigued can have a large bearing.

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