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UFC Betting Odds

UFC betting odds are frequently published by several online bookmakers. The published UFC betting odds are almost never set in stone. They keep changing to accommodate change in playing conditions, injuries picked up by players, their playing form or sometimes even external factors like the weather. The UFC betting odds are constantly adjusted so that the two sides to the equation are as evenly placed as possible.

UFC betting odds are frequently expressed with the help of point spreads as most other forms of sporting events. Point spreads are the predicted margin by which the player favored to win the bout will defeat his opponent. Bookmakers expect that at this point they will be able to split the total money riding on the event, evenly between both outcomes. This benefits them the most in the long run. Matches that carry heavy prejudices and offer highly skewed betting odds often see bookmakers meeting the cost of the bets from their own pockets. This is not a healthy business practice as far as they are concerned and they set point spreads to counteract any positive sentiment to one particular team. UFC betting odds are also set using this time tested system. Most of the time the betting odds for UFC displayed is money line odds.

Betting Odds by Weight Class

The UFC is normally divided into five categories-lightweight, welterweight middleweight, light heavyweight and heavyweight. The betting odds for UFC are also published keeping these categories in mind. Money line betting odds are published for each fight card separately and gamblers can choose to purchase them from a bookmaker of their choice. The ten point system is used to determine the ultimate winner of the bout. Under the ten point system, three judges are appointed to evaluate the fighters and award points in every round. The winner of a round gets the maximum ten points. A draw is also possible in a round, in which circumstance both fighters will get ten points each. A win is possible not just when one fighter scores more points than his opponent. It can also be a result of disqualification, a technical fault or match forfeiture.

Shop Around for the Best Odds

While choosing the betting odds, gamblers need to carefully analyze whether they are fair and the probability that they will result in a positive cash flow for him. UFC betting websites traditionally hold an edge over the gamblers in the betting odds that they devise. Gamblers can leverage the fact that they do not have to compulsorily purchase each and every bet and can limit themselves to only those they feel is justified, to beat the apparent house advantage. A successful gambler is one who has arrived at an effective and efficient strategy to correctly predict whether a particular UFC bet will pay out or not. Gamblers can make full use of betting tips put out by popular online sports books to arrive at a ‘go’ or ‘no-go’ decision.

Second Chances

Typically most fighters in the UFC get two chances to defeat one other in the whole event. All fighters attempt to win their opening bout against their opponent. In case the opening bout doesn’t fall in line with expectations they are accorded another opportunity in a second bout with the same opponent. Historically second bouts for fighters who have failed in their opening bouts have been disappointing and the betting odds are devised accordingly.