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UFC Moneyline Betting

The Ultimate Fighting Championship is an American game that has established an enormous following of people who like to watch and bet on the event that is like a form of mixed martial arts. Although the UFC is based in the United States, there are events that take place around the world and many of the competitors travel from international to compete.

UFC is so popular that fights are only broadcasted on pay-per-view networks in most cases, and they get record number of viewers. People are tuning in to watch the competitors from 5 weight classes and various martial arts background compete in the ring. Each UFC event varies in length, but rounds that fighters participate in are 5 minutes long each. A non-competition fight usually has three rounds, and in a major competition five rounds is the norm.

People don’t just like to tune in to watch the UFC. They also like to get more involved by putting some money on the line to make things more interesting. As people get together to watch fight nights, they have competition of their own as they hope to come out victorious!

How to Bet on UFC: Moneyline Bet

The most common type of bet in UFC is called the money line bet. What players do for this bet is place a wager at their favorite online UFC betting site upon what they believe the outcome of the match will be. This type of bet doesn’t consider the point spread. Although there are no calculations players need to make to understand what to bet on, they should have as grasp on what the odds mean. They can be mentioned either as positive or negative. Moneyline bets are listed to help players determine how to place their wagers.

Positive and Negative Quotes for Moneyline Bets

With moneyline bets they can be quoted as positive or negative. Here is what each of these mean and how players can understand the odds.

Positive: Even odds are quoted as $100 in moneyline bets. They refer to how much money will be won on a moneyline bet when a player makes a $100 wager. Odds listed as 4/1 are also positive figures, and this is a fraction that refers to bets of $400.

Negative: odds can also be mentioned negatively. This means how much money must be wagered in order to win $100. These odds would be listed as a fraction like: 1/4.

UFC Money Line Betting Tips

Once players understand how to read the odds of money line bets, they can start placing their wagers. It’s always a good idea to bet on a moneyline when betting on that player becomes higher. This means they will have to bet less to win more. A standard line is referred to as -110, it means there is no favorite in the fight. But fighters can move above or below away from this, and that’s when moneyline bets should be made!