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Western Union

Western Union is a great payment option for online punters from all over the world. Since the payment service has been around for 150 years, it can be easily concluded that it is safe and reliable, especially as the company claims to stand for integrity, partnership, opportunity, passion, and teamwork. Western Union offers a wide range of products, including person-to-person money transfer, commercial services, and money orders.


Customers can send money online or make a purchase anywhere in the world. Western Union doesn’t charge an activation or account fee. The service also offers a Quick Quote facility that provides the exact exchange rate.

Other attractive features of Western Union are its 24-hour accessibility and 24-hour customer service in any language. In addition to the facility of low transfer fees, the service offers a number low-cost and free delivery options.

However, Western Union has been annoying customers a lot lately by blocking transactions without warning and by charging too high for customer query calls and other services. Disgruntled users have given many negative reviews about Western Union. The company seems to be involved in the US war against terror, which is why it blocks the cash transactions of users with Arabic-sounding names. Customers have complained that even if the name isn’t Arabic, Western Union is in the habit of blocking transactions on grounds that the transaction don’t, “meet company requirements.”

Top Accepted Western Union Sportsbook

sportsinteraction icon SportsInteraction.com (For Canadians only)

Fees and Costs

Since Western Union is available all over the world, the fees charged vary. The company has different websites for different countries. After entering the Western Union website for their country, customers can visit a section of the website called Price Transfer. The customers’ monetary transactions will be priced accordingly.

How to Use It

Customers can send money from their online accounts or from the nearest Western Union office. The sender will be given a Money Transfer Control ID, which must be supplied to the recipient. The recipient simply has to visit the nearest Western Union office, provide his/her identification details and the ID, and receive the money sent in cash or check, depending on how large the amount is.

Who it Benefits

Online punters can use their Western Union accounts to fund eWallets such as UseMyWallet or any other service that supports Western Union as a payment option. Online shoppers, gamers, and others who need to make monetary transactions online will also benefit a lot by Western Union.


Established in 1851 under the name of New York and Mississippi Valley Printing Telegraph Company, Western Union has come a long way to give the best online payment services. At the time of celebrating its 150th anniversary in 2001, the company had spread to more than 100,000 geographical locations all over the world. By 2008, Western Union had established itself in more than 240 countries. The company’s annual revenue is more than $5 billion, which indicates that the company is one of the most preferred services used for the transfer of funds and also that it can be relied upon.