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Auto Racing Betting Sites

Auto racing is one of the most popular events in the United States and around the world. People enjoy watching the fast speeds of cars going around the track, risking their lives to win. It’s exciting as a sport that is full of adrenaline. Players can further add to that excitement by putting their money on the line based on the results of the races. Many of the leading online betting sites feature auto race betting, and we’ve put together some of the top places for you to make your bets on NASCAR and other live auto racing events, and how you can try to get yourself a big win based on the best odds!

Odds and Moneyline Bets in Auto Racing

With all sports betting, it’s important to compare odds at the different auto racing betting sites before placing a wager. They can vary from site to site and you always want to ensure that you have the best advantage when betting on a race. Money lines appear on auto racing betting sites. They are described like “Mark Andrei – +200”. What this means is that for every $10 you bet on this car racer, you win $20.

As with most sports, the sure thing bets are the ones with the lowest odds because you have the best chance of winning and getting it right. The higher odds are the bets that are the long shots because less people are going to bet on them, and it’s less likely that they’ll win the race so an auto racing site can offer better odds to players.

For those familiar with horse racing, auto racing bets are quite similar. You can bet on a racer to win, place or show; or you can bet on the field (all drivers but the top ones listed in the lines). Other bets include quinellas and trifectas, as well as daily doubles and pick 3’s or pick 4’s.

Best Auto Racing Betting Websites

Bet365.com (Non-USA bettors only, 18+, T&Cs apply, and Gamble Responsibly (BeGambleAware))

sportsinteraction icon SportsInteraction.com (For Canadians only)

Betting on a Racer

In order to make a well-informed bet on a racer at an online auto racing betting website, you need to gather all of the information you can and know a driver or team’s race history. You can see how they’ve done on certain race courses, and if weather conditions have impacted their ability to succeed. You can also look at the team’s most recent schedule in order to see if they might have been over-worked and over-tired because then at the upcoming event they just may not be at their best.

You’ll also get much better odds if you place your bets before the race begins, so make sure that you’ve taken a look at who’s going to be racing in advance in order to have enough time to do your research and place your informed bets by the time that the event begins.