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Auto Racing Place or Show Betting

While NASCAR and other car racing events are very well-known to most players, the betting structure is not always something that they are highly familiar with. However, more people are familiar with horse race betting and some of the betting types are very similar between auto race betting and horse race betting, so players may find that they’re more familiar with it than they previously thought! There are two main forms of betting with auto racing that players can bet besides on the person or team that they think will win. These bets are place betting and show betting.

Auto Racing Place Betting

Betting on “place” in auto betting is really quite simple, players bet which car/driver or team they think will place – which means coming across the finish line either first or second. It doesn’t matter whether the car actually comes in first or second place, as long as they are one of the two first cars. This bet usually has different odds than betting on a player to win since there is a better chance that they will win their bet, but of course, the payouts are a bit lower than betting to win.

As with betting to win, it’s important that players review the statistics of the racing history of the person they’re betting on. They need to look at how they’ve done on a specific track in the past, as well as how they drive in certain weather conditions, and how strong they are when against specific opponents.

Auto Racing Show Betting

Betting on “show” in auto racing means that you bet on a player or car who you believe will finish in one of the top three positions. Again, the payout is not as high since a player has a better chance of getting it right than if they simply select one person to win or a bet for the position that they believe they’ll finish in. Betting on show, players follow a similar format to horse racing again and select the racer they think will come in one of the top three finishing positions.

Auto Racing Place or Show Betting Tips

As with betting on place or on show, it’s important for players to verify the history of the player they’re betting on to make a more informed bet. It’s also a good idea to check the odds for show betting at more than one bookmaker online. Race betting can vary from auto racing betting website to website so checking the odds to make sure that you get the best payoff if you win is always a safe bet that you won’t regret!