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Auto Racing Quinella Betting

Straight bets in money lines are not always so exciting for players who bet on auto racing consistently, they want to feel like they’ve upped their game to really have a more vested interest in the events and the outcome of their bets.

Lots of people might not think that they’re particularly familiar with auto racing betting, but the reality is that there are many similarities between betting on racing with cars as horse racing. Some of the most popular bets in fact are the same for both events! Some of the most common ones include quinella betting and trifecta betting.

Auto Racing Quinella Betting

With car racing, you have the chance to bet on the first two racers that you believe will finish in an event. There are different combinations that can be offered depending upon the online auto racing betting site for quinella bets. There is straight quinella betting where you simply bet on the cars that you believe will finish in the first 2. These bets are simple to place and can render a bigger payout for players if their picks are successful.

There are also quinella boxes bets, which aren’t as common in car racing as they are in horse racing, but they are available. This means that players are able to bet on all of the racers if they so desire, although their payoff would be more limited if they actually do find that one of their picks win.

Auto Racing Trifecta Betting

A trifecta bet in car racing is an exciting one and it can render a huge payout if players get it right. The quinella bet asks that players bet on the top two winners, but the trifecta bet is even more challenging to make successfully since it asks that players bet on all three of the top three racers who place. This can be very hard to win, of course, but it’s a very profitable bet for those who do.

Quinella and Trifecta Betting Tips

With either quinella of trifecta betting, it’s important to understand each racer’s history. You don’t want to bet on someone that has never placed in the top three unless it’s been demonstrated that they have a chance of doing so. So, take a look at the racing history of each player for a successful bet!

Also, it’s always important to compare the odds of multiple online sportsbooks, they are not always the same with any bets and players always want to look for their best chance of winning a lot more money. Comparing odds before every bet can guarantee the best payoff for a win, and that’s something that all players are interested in regardless of the type of bet they’re playing!