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Golf Proposition Betting

Betting on sides is one of the most popular forms of betting, but it doesn’t work very well in sports where there are not two clear sides or teams, those kinds of bets just aren’t quite as exciting in NASCAR, tennis or in golf. In these sports, proposition betting is much more appealing to many players so many of the best golf betting websites online have begun to offer props! Betting to win and matchup betting are the two main kinds of prop betting.

Betting to Win in Golf

Betting to win is a type of futures bet. It’s more commonly used in events like golf because there isn’t just one opportunity to win, with multiple matches and tournaments taking place through the course of a season. This type of betting doesn’t work often in football for example, since the only betting to win opportunity would be with the Super Bowl. When betting to win on one player as a proposition bet, you simply choose who you think will win the match. The top players will be listed as moneylines and you can pick one to bet on, or you can bet on anyone else (called the “field”). The field doesn’t usually consist of the top players, so the odds are worse, but if they win, you’ll get a better payout. This bet is usually comparable to the most obvious player since it could make for a big payout by the sportsbook to players when betting on the field can mean that any of dozens of players could win so there is a lot of opportunity.

When betting on the win, a sportsbook player should take a look at all of the competitors and their playing history. With a little bit of research and an understanding of how golf players do on certain courses and in specific weather conditions, it’s possible to have decent odds of winning.

Matchup Betting

Matchup betting is another type of proposition bet that works in games like golf. What this means is it puts sports players against each other directly and it can really only be applied in non-team sports. For example, saying that one golfer will finish farther ahead in the tournament than another, would be one type of matchup bet.

While you can make matchup bets for golf, it’s important to know the odds are made up. Since they’re not golf head-to-head betting matches per say, the sportsbook is putting two golfers against each other in which one can come out ahead but it’s not direct competition. Matchup bets will only include those that qualify for a tournament, of course.

Other Proposition Golf Bets

In addition to those two main types of bets there are others all based on the outcome and what can happen while playing. It can bet based on specific scores, how much under par a player comes in on a certain hole, and other elements as well. Moneylines are all setup by the sportsbooks.