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Harness Horse Racing Betting Tips

Harness racing is a lot like the other types of horse racing you’re used to betting on. Basically, you’re betting on who you think you win or other combination’s that involve in the placement of where horses finish. There are a few differences with harness racing, and that is because of the actual format of the race. Jockeys do not ride on the backs of horses with harness racing; they are pulled behind in a cart. Harness racing carts have two wheels and a jockey rides in it. So, the method of racing is different and requires different skills, but as far as you’re concerned as a harness racing bettor, you simply need to bet on who you think will be successful!

Check the Odds

When betting on harness racing, the setup at online sportsbooks are the same as you’ll find with other types of racing. The money lines are posted with the odds, and you have the chance to put your money on the line in hopes of winning. The same betting structure is in place, and in harness racing you can choose to bet win, place, show, trifecta, superfecta, daily doubles or pick 3, and more. You apply the same strategies to these bets that you would with other types of races.

You need to check the odds at more than one horse race betting site with every bet you make in harness racing if you want the best odds. These can vary from one sportsbook to another so if you want the best chance to win big; you’d better take a look! Don’t just pick one favorite sportsbook or you’ll be missing out on winning opportunities, and the point is to win the most money possible!

Check the History

Most important in harness horse racing is to ensure that you check out the history of the horse and jockey. You want to have a strong understanding of how they normally place, and you need to consider a number of different factors if you want to take advantage of these horse racing betting tips. Ensure that you take a look at the training records of the horse and jockey, how they usually place against specific competitors, and check out their success at specific race tracks and in different weather conditions.

Remember, with harness horse racing, nothing is guaranteed, but you do need to give yourself the competitive edge with knowledge. By understanding these factors, you can make better informed choices that will increase your chances of doing well! With harness horse racing, there are two major influences on the outcome; there is margin for error when there is both a horse and a driver so there is a better chance to study the history for success.