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Hockey Betting Sites are Listed

After football and basketball, hockey is the sport which has the maximum amount of money wagered upon it. The NHL is arguably the biggest sporting event for hockey enthusiasts, and we list several top betting websites for hockey bettors to choose from. Even though the actual sport might not be credited with huge TRPs in cable and satellite viewership, it is this relative lack of popularity that makes it a favorite among bettors.

Tips and Strategies to Consider

Bookmakers concentrate more of popular games like football and basketball. As such the betting odds for hockey are significantly much lower. The entry points are much more affordable. Lower wagering limits signify that sportsbooks do not encourage the form of betting but often gamblers love the challenge.

Apart from the NHL in the US, the European Hockey League is also a major draw for bookmakers. Most of the bets placed in an NHL game will be on the moneyline or head-to-head betting. Gamblers play for a win or a loss. In the European Hockey League the bets are placed on the moneyline, much like the NHL. However, gamblers are also accorded the additional opportunity of wagering for a tied match, which is surprisingly quite a common occurrence in the EHL. The quality of hockey gaming in the EHL is normally quite impressive; several former NHL superstars have made a name for themselves on the European Hockey League gaming circuit.

You can find several online hockey betting websites focusing on wagering tips and strategies, playing odds and other related information on the NHL and the EHL. While this is the norm, gamblers can also find other hockey tournaments like the NCAA hosted college matches and the IIHF World Championships on the web to place bets and receive free or paid betting tips.

Best Hockey Betting Sites

Bet365.com (Non-USA bettors only, 18+, T&Cs apply, and Gamble Responsibly (BeGambleAware))

sportsinteraction icon SportsInteraction.com (For Canadians only)

Proper Analysis is Key

Finding good tips are often a bit dicey because very often the level of analysis that goes into some of them is perhaps not as robust as their peers in football and basketball. In more than 24-odd instances, a National Hockey League team with strong favorable odds in excess of -300 (which is you need to spend 300 to earn even money), have lost the match. This has resulted in huge losses for bookmakers and gamblers. Conversely, another interesting fact is that when all these strong teams that lost went on to play their next home match they won more than 90% of the time. However, whenever these highly priced hockey teams follow up a high profile upset with an away match the statistics are equally unimpressive.

Gambling tips for games are often devised from historical data as much as current playing trends and field playing conditions. While understanding useful tips and analyzing past trends, gamblers need to apply a fair bit of common sense as well to arrive at an optimal decision. Since many of hockey matches have handicaps, gamblers would also do well to keep a tab on betting odds as the playing season progresses.

Take Advantage of Free Tips with Caution

In many prominent hockey betting sites, resident experts often post their views and valuable tips which can be accessed for free, or at times must be paid for. These useful tips are vital for bettors who are looking to see whether the odds currently being offered are viable or not. These wagering tips and strategies are mostly formulated with the help of past playing trends, current player form, player injuries and coaches’ interviews. For one bettor to keep track of match specific information is often not practical, so finding a reputable source that offers good information is often the only way to place reasonably informed bets on their favorite matches.

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