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Hockey Betting Tips

Even though hockey betting is not as big as basketball or soccer betting, it still generates significant interest among the gambling community in the United States. Millions are hedged during the NHL season. Hockey betting tips allow punters to place bets intelligently and with least exposure. Betting on hockey is akin to betting on soccer or basketball in as much that most of the bets are on the moneyline. Good hockey betting tips offer practical advice to gamblers in how to best read moneyline odds while gauging the risk that they have to expose themselves to. Soccer bets are also placed along moneylines. As such it is quite common place to find several gamblers who dabble in both forms of betting during peak playing season times.

Hockey Moneyline

While betting on the moneyline, there will be an operator sign affixed before each playing team. The team with a ‘+’ sign is the underdog, and the one with a ‘-‘sign is the favorite. For example in a Colorado Avalanche v/s Calgary Flames game, if the odds are quoted as +220 for Colorado and -130 for Calgary, the punter can be assured of making $220 for $100 wagered in case Colorado wins. This is similar to the system of quoting odds during soccer bets.

Hockey Straight Bets

The most popular form of hockey betting is by placing straight wagers. Straight bets are when the gambler tries to predict the outcome of a single game or event. There will be two clearly defined sides in this kind of bet. The most commonly found type of straight bet is predicting the winner of a game at hand. The total for a game can also be posted by experts and gamblers can predict whether the total aggregate score will be over or under the posted total.

Hockey Goal Line Bets

Goal Line bets are a common hockey bet. A goal line bet essentially involves predicting whether a given team will win or lose by a predetermined number of points. Goal line bets are interesting due to the presence of decimal odds. So gamblers can predict that a team will lose by 2.5 goals (even if this might not be theoretically possible).  Many hockey betting sites online offer useful hockey betting tips which can be used by players to judge the viability of the goal line odds.

Hockey Future Bets

Future bets are also popular in hockey bets. Future bets can be purchased online for predicting who will win the Stanley Cup, who will top the NHL divisions, which players will bag the annual NHL awards and many more. These kinds of bets are keenly watched by gamblers who love to follow their favorite team throughout the playing season.

Hockey Proposition Bets

Proposition bets are a kind of exotic or specialty bet that is garnering a lot of popularity in online gambling circles for its innovative and interesting nature. Though proposition bets made an appearance for the first time in soccer bets, hockey has caught up on the trend and today several popular online bookmakers offer proposition bets. Prop bets are individualistic. They predict the outcome of specific events and are formulated by each bookmaker. As such unlike straight bets and goal line bets, the odds may not be standardized. In straight bets and goal line bets the betting odds offered by various bookmakers could only record a minor variance. However, because of the fact that prop bets are devised by each bookmaker, the odds are propounded by them and it is upto the gambler whether he feels that these odds are justified or not. Examples of prop bets are how many goals will be scored by a particular player during the entire NHL season, which will make the most saves, who will make the maximum hits and which player will take the maximum number of shots at the goal line.

Puck Line Bets

A kind of hockey bet found only in hockey betting is the puck line bet. Puck line bets can be either American or Canadian. Canadian puck line bets put together the goal line and the money line bets. The gambler has to correctly predict whether his team will win by the goal line set and his payout will be determined by the money line odds. An American puck line is similar except for the fact that the gambler does not have to put down any money upfront while betting on the game favorite. The favorite and the underdog will be separated by a half point spread.