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UFC Parlay Betting

The Ultimate Fighting Championships (UFC) offers plenty of avenues for the gambling enthusiast to indulge in some exciting parlay betting. The UFC is particularly known for its close matches and most of them have nail-biting finishes. As such, UFC Parlay Betting is not for the faint hearted. A parlay bet usually requires gamblers to correctly forecast the outcomes of a series of events which do not have any apparent relationship with each other. This means that the outcome of one event should not have any effect on the outcome of the next; common sense suggests that if this be the case then a parlay bet would be no different than a straight bet. The risk in parlay betting lies in the fact that if even one fight does not toe the expected line the entire parlay could be lost. Since the UFC is particularly reputed to have close bouts between players, correctly predicting outcomes for multiple fights is often an arduous and uphill task.

Conversely, UFC Parlay betting is also viewed as an effective long term strategy for gamblers who dabble in the event on a regular basis. UFC Parlay Betting attracts plenty of gambling population. One of the main reasons for this is that they can get to bet on the outcomes of several fights at relatively low cost. The payouts for UFC parlay betting are also significantly better than a series of straight bets placed on similar outcomes. UFC Parlay Betting is offered only by a handful of bookmakers online. Prominent among these are 5Dimes.eu and others.

Parlay Betting Payouts

Parlay betting odds have better payouts than their money line counterparts. UFC Moneyline betting odds can be converted to parlay odds by applying a suitable multiplier. Gamblers can estimate the exact extent of their expected payoffs from the parlay bets by further getting the product of their bet value and the adjusted parlay odds.

Parlay Betting is a favorite among UFC betting sites due to the low probability of a payout. In fact, a gambler can easily lose his bankroll in case he purchases one without adequate analysis. Bookmakers have traditionally held a higher-than-average profitability ratio on parlay bets. However, by following the UFC parlay betting tips found on most online sporting websites and forums, gamblers can hope to improve on their payouts. One effective strategy is to put all the money on and completely back one player for all his bouts. This way the house edge is a little reduced as now the gambler is backing a single player in a number of events. When the fighter emerges successful in his bouts, there will be a positive payout to the gambler. Another method used to reduce house edge is to bet on one or two highly favored fighters and compose a three-fight parlay using them. What is generally seen in UFC Parlay Betting circles is that any parlays which consist of more than 3 fights are considered to be difficult to secure a payout on. The payoff for a three fight parlay is a decent enough 6/1 and for a two-fight parlay is 2.6/1.