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Basketball Moneylines

Avid basketball betting enthusiasts would bear testimony to the fact that betting on basketball is a lot more profitable and cost-effective than football betting or any other sports wagering. Basketball betting is lucrative because gamblers have a huge number of games to choose from. There are at least 100 games played out every season. The playing season is also pretty long as compared to other sports. Basketball also witnesses fewer player injuries. As such, predicting the outcome of a basketball game is probably lot simpler than football, because a large part of the outcome is dependent on the skill of players rather than luck. Gambling on basketball games is widely popular during the professional NBA season and the NCAA college season.

In most cases, basketball betting is straight betting which is the money line. This entails placing bets on the final outcome of a game, which is to say that the gambler needs to pick the winner or loser of the game. Basketball money lines do not have point spreads attached to them. They are also a subtype of straight bets because the winner is predicted ‘straight up’ rather than other finer nuances of the game. Basketball money lines are often more expensive than point spread bets. Common sense demands that more money will have to be risked for events whose probabilities are more predictable.

A money line tries to find the ultimate winner of the game and is almost always quoted on a $100 base. For example, if in the Lakers versus Bulls game the Lakers are being quoted at -200 and the Bulls are going for +110, this signals a clear bias in favor of the Lakers. Hence, because the Lakers are the favorites, gamblers will need to spend more to win the same amount of money. Here, the gambler will need to spend $200 to win $100. The underdogs in this game are the Bulls. The gambler will need to bet $100 in order to win $110.

Money line bets are placed on the outcome of a single event and are more about the amount of money that needs to be hedged in order to win the bet.

Basketball Point Spread

Like football games, a large proportion of basketball bets come with predetermined point spreads. A point spread is particularly used when there is a clear winner or loser in any one game. A point spread can be viewed as a predicted gap between the relative scores of the two playing teams in a game. However, in reality the point spread is a predicted point wherein the amount of money bet on either side of the equation are more or less the same. The total amount riding on the game gets evenly split across both sides, making for a more evenly poised betting scenario.

Vigorish ie. Vig

Most bookmakers charge a small commission on the bets placed called the Vigorish or simply Vig. Some online bookmakers offer reduced Vig basketball betting. The cost of purchasing the bet is reduced to the extent of the Vig. For instance if the operating odds are -110, then the discounted Vig betting odds could read -105. Gamblers can leverage the benefit of betting $5 less to win the same amount of money.

Wagering on basketball matches are often most profitable with money line bets. Unlike other variants commonly found, the commission or Vig in straight bets are often low. The fact that they are quite reasonably priced entails that they are more profitable in the long run.

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