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Understanding Basketball Over/Unders

Basketball betting using straight bets can be placed either over or under. Basketball over/under bets generally refer to the extent by which the total score of the games, after aggregating the individual scores of the teams, will exceed the predetermined total limit for the game. An over bet is when the gambler believes that the total score posted will be above the total score predicted for the games. Conversely, an under bet is when the gambler believes that the total score posted will be less than the score predicted for the game.

Betting on Weakness

Understanding the weaknesses of the playing teams and their strengths are important to predict the total scores of the teams. Some people like to look back as far as the previous season or even the previous year to analyze the total scores scored by and against the teams. Teams’ relative performances in home and away games are also considered to predict correct betting odds.

Offensive vs Defensive Games

Basketball betting sites also use the total score to determine the pace of the game, whether it will be offensive or defensive. If a team has more points scored against it as compared to the points they have scored, the pace of the game is most likely to be defensive. Conversely, when a team enters into a game with lesser points scored against it, the game is more likely to be offensive. In offensive games, both teams would like to score more points. As such the totals will be bigger. In defensive games, both teams would like to protect their position. Hence, total scores will be relatively lower.

Over/under wagers hinge on projecting the correct total scores. Gamblers who choose this bet also need to understand whether the projected total scores are for the whole game or one of the two halves. While several popular online sportsbooks offer total final scores, there are a handful that project total scores for each half of the game.

Over/Under Betting Systems

A very popular NBA betting system is to bet the under in the game wherein the total posted is the lowest. This technique is relevant only when at least four games are played during a day. It is common gambling psychology to bet on over during a basketball betting opportunity because the onus is more on the teams to score than not. As such, gamblers will find lesser competition in the under bets, especially for the lowest total during a day. In the long run, this translates to better gambling odds and improved profitability.

The NCAA basketball betting scene livens up with the total bets offered by various bookmakers. NCAA games tend to be relatively low scoring due to the presence of a vast cross section of college basketball teams, unlike the professional NBA league. College games totals can be accurately projected only by studying the gaming styles and approaches of the two teams. Simply learning the points conceded and the points earned is not very helpful in college basketball games. Teams’ capabilities to make long shoots during crux points of the games, often reflected as three point percentages, are also key to projecting accurate over/under odds.

March Madness

The series of elimination games that happen during the NCAA basketball season is titled March Madness. Basketball over/under bets reaches a fever pitch during the March Madness season. Several bookmakers predict specific over/under odds for these games. The entire tournament involves more than 64 different college teams and literally, hundreds of games are played out. The NCAA basketball season presents plenty of opportunities for bookmakers to win money and place successful bets.

Some bookmakers like to extrapolate the total score for the game by analyzing the total points scored by and against the team in previous encounters. There are several online agencies that keep track of past scores of teams.

The Common Sense Bet

Many basketball betting enthusiasts would affirm that betting on over/under scores are probably a lot easier than any other bets. Over/unders a lot more logical and common sense based than other wagering products like parlays and teasers. A regular over/under bet would find the gambler risking $110 to win $100. In case the gambler risks an equal amount of money on over and under bets, he will be assured of making a return no matter what the consequence. While betting on basketball totals, the number can range between a lowly 120 to a massive 200 plus for more professional league games. Bookmakers often like to align the money line totals by 1.5 points to lure gamblers in.

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