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How to Place Basketball Prop and Teaser Bets

For those who prefer betting on basketball enjoy purchasing exotic or specialty bets, this section is for you. Traditionally, basketball bets are straight bets with or without point spreads or money line wagers. Exotic bets are newer form a gambling where-in different events during a game are bet on. Rarely are exotic bets plain vanilla straight bets which predict the final outcome of a game. Some of the most popular basketball betting types are teaser, futures and prop bets.

Basketball Teaser Bets

Teasers have several sub types. Typically, a teaser bet entails that gamblers must correctly predict the outcomes of two or more events. Teasers are more or less similar to parlay bets. However, an important difference lies within the fact that while gamblers who purchase parlay bets are allowed the option of betting against the point spread, in a teaser bet gamblers must follow the point spread. However, they can re-align the point spread in a manner that suits their risk appetites. The point spreads can be adjusted by up to 5 points in some instances.

Like parlays, even teasers will pay only if all the selections come through. If even one of the selections does not go as predicted, the entire teaser bet will lapse and the gambler will lose his stake. If one of the game results in a tie, most bookmakers would consider it as a loss. However, some teaser bets could come with such terms that ties could be adjusted in the total payouts.

Two of the more popular teaser bets are monster teasers and super teasers.

A monster teaser involves just three teams. What sets apart the monster teaser bets from the regular is that the punters get an additional 7 points. Ties are normally considered as losses. The payoff rates for monster teasers are usually 120/100. A Super Teaser bet is used for 4 teams only. Punters who purchase super teaser bets get 10 additional points. The payoffs are usually around 130/100.

Proposition Bets Also Known as “Props”

Proposition bets are purchased by gamblers who wish to bet on specific occurrences during a game. These are offered by individual basketball sportsbooks. As such the betting odds for props are not as standardized as other bets. The events for which these wagers are formulated could be diverse, ranging from which player is most likely to score the maximum three points during a game to which team could commit the maximum faults during a game. Because of the highly individualistic nature props, they are best invested in after careful analysis of the efficacy of the betting odds devised. Past player performances and other historical information need to be studied carefully before purchasing these bets.


Gambling on basketball has been redefined with the advent of futures betting. These bets are placed for a game that is not yet played. The games will be slated to happen at a distant point in the future. For example, several bookmakers already offer futures betting odds for the 2013 NBA season. Because of the lengthy time frame involved, these bets are also high risks

Futures odds are constantly updated and players need to check the latest odds before deciding whether they need to purchase them or not. The NCAA March Madness future odds are also available at several popular bookmakers and are normally straightforward fixed odds.

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